IsecT is:

  • Passionate about information risk, security and all that - protecting and enhancing the value of information in all forms (not just the IT systems, networks and data!).
  • Business risk oriented - rather than pushing generic best practices, we would much rather help you figure out what is best for you, your organisation, your business.
  • Professional and experienced - practicing in this field continuously since the 1980’s, with information security, audit and management qualifications along the way.
  • Client-focused - in order to add real value, we need to find out about your unique situation and explore your objectives both initially and during assignments.
  • Advocating for good information risk and security practices captured in the ISO27k and other standards, frameworks and methods.
  • Research oriented - staying abreast of this fascinating and constantly evolving field. keeping up with developments, actively advancing knowledge and practice.
  • Strongly pragmatic - tempering theory with practicality and flexibility, finding cost-effective, realistic yet creative solutions to genuine business issues.
  • Trustworthy, of course. Integrity is a deep-rooted core value. We take pride in doing a good job and when we promise or commit to something, we deliver.
  • A micro-business - with the personal touch. We rarely engage more than one client at a time, allowing me to focus exclusively on the matter at hand.
  • Keen - to help you surmount difficult challenges, responding to your particular needs.  Whether you need a little advice and guidance, or a partner for a longer term engagement, I’ll happily fit in with your requirements.
  • Open - we provide intemised invoices to account for our time. We don’t charge a minimum or retainer: you will only be charged for the actual hours/days worked.
  • Cost-effective - this no-frills website helps keep our overheads and hence prices down.  We would much rather spend on providing top-quality client services.
  • Sustainable - caring deeply about the natural environment, a lifestyle block in rural  New Zealand is an ideal home office location. Ask about the trees, goats and deer!

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