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IT Audit FAQ

Metrics FAQ



We are IsecT Ltd.,
an independent Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC) consultancy
based in New Zealand.


To shed light on GRC, we
focus particularly on
security metrics,
security awareness
and IT auditing.


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Security metrics

Does your organization have the luxury of access to factual, meaningful information about the organization’s GRC status?  Does management have the data needed to plan, approve and implement GRC improvements systematically?  ... Or are important decisions almost entirely dependent on someone’s intuition and experience?  If the latter, how do you know whether they are right?  What happens if they leave?  Are you making the best possible use of your GRC resources?

Our security metrics consulting service cuts through the mush and brings clarity to GRC.  We’ll help you figure out what really needs to be measured and how best to do it.

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